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Bristol Labs says there’s been no disruption in supply of co-codamol


Bristol Labs says there’s been no disruption in supply of co-codamol

By Neil Trainis

Originally published by Independent Community Pharmacist

Bristol Laboratories has attempted to reassure pharmacists that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s decision to partially suspend its manufacturing and wholesale distribution authorisations this month has not disrupted its supply of “critical products” including co-codamol.

The MHRA did not go into detail over why it put the partial suspensions in place until August 12 next year but told Independent Community Pharmacist its inspections of the company’s UK sites “identified regulatory non-compliance for the manufacture and distribution of medicines.”

A Bristol Labs spokesperson told ICP that because the suspensions are partial, they can continue manufacturing and distributing “several critical products” including the co-codamol range which it insisted it continues “to manufacture and supply to the market.”

“There has been no disruption in supply due to us. We are fulfilling all orders placed with us by the distributors for co-codamol range,” the spokesperson said.

However, when asked to clarify if it was confident that the partial suspensions will not disrupt its supply of co-codamol over the next few months, Bristol Labs did not respond.

The MHRA’s interim executive director of healthcare quality and access Julian Beach said the regulator is satisfied that despite issuing the partial suspensions, “the medicines are of acceptable quality.”

“However, we must act in the public health interest as poor standards mean that the quality of medicines is not guaranteed,” he added.

“Partial suspension means that some medicines can continue to be supplied where alternatives may not be readily available and this will be kept under review, in response to availability. People should continue taking their medicines as normal.

"We are working with the Department of Health and Social Care to ensure that people have access to the medicines they need.”

The British Generic Manufacturers Association chief executive Mark Samuels told ICP: "We are aware of the situation with Bristol Laboratories and are in conversation with the Department of Health and Social Care to mitigate any impacts. One of the benefits of a mature multi-source off-patent market like the UK is that other suppliers can support when supplies are restricted."

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