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Boots staff allowed to claim back HRT prescription fees on expenses


Boots staff allowed to claim back HRT prescription fees on expenses

Boots has announced it will cover the prescription fees for all its staff who take HRT as part of its ambition to be a “menopause-friendly employer”.

The multiple announced today that from April any staff member who pays for NHS HRT prescriptions in England will be able to claim this money back via the Boots expense portal, potentially saving up to £224 each year.

It said that around 8,600 employees “are currently in scope to access HRT,” adding that data indicates around 15 per cent of these will avail of the treatment.

The multiple spoke of its “ambition to become a menopause-friendly employer,” saying it has introduced other support measures including counselling sessions and guidance around managing menopause in the workplace.

Last year the Government announced plans to reduce the cost burden of HRT prescription burdens by introducing longer prescribing cycles, which it said could help women save up to £205 per year.

Boots HR director Ben Horner said: “I am delighted to announce that Boots is breaking down the barriers to accessing HRT medication and that we will offer this significant support option to team members who may be experiencing menopausal symptoms.

“Women make up the majority of our Boots workforce, and we are focused on offering the support that will work best for them as they navigate this important life transition and other health concerns.

Labour MP for Swansea East Carolyn Harris, who has long campaigned for the end of HRT prescription charges, said: “While all women will experience the menopause, every woman’s experience will be different.

“Some will barely notice any symptoms, but for others the suffering can be unbearable – stressful, debilitating and completely life-changing. 

“Changes such as this in the workplace will support all those experiencing the menopause in all roles and will make such a difference. It’s time all employers took menopause seriously and took action.”

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