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Boots pharmacists get 4.5% pay rise under new PDA agreement

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Boots pharmacists get 4.5% pay rise under new PDA agreement

Boots and the Pharmacists’ Defence Association have agreed a new pay deal that will see employee pharmacists receive a 4.5 per cent increase from November.

The 2022 pay deal, announced yesterday, applies to all pharmacists in the PDA Union’s bargaining unit at the multiple other than those who joined after August 1, trainees and those “rated as not performing” at the end of the most recent financial year.

Those who have had a pay increase since August 1 that was less than 4.5 per cent will be given a ‘top up’ increase to bring them in line with the bargaining unit, while those paid above the maximum market range will be given an increase of four per cent plus a 0.5 per cent lump sum.

The increase is slightly higher than that given to other employees at Boots, who Pharmacy Network News understands are to receive a four per cent pay rise.

PDA director Paul Day told PNN that it was a “reasonable deal” for Boots pharmacists.

“We try and get as much as we can on a sustainable basis; you’re not trying to push any employer beyond what they can genuinely afford.

“Even pharmacists at the top of the pay range are getting 4.5 per cent, while our members in the NHS are getting 2.6-3 per cent.

“We think it’s a reasonable deal. They started off at 3 per cent and we got them to where we are now.”

The pay deal also contains an agreement to continue short notice prorated payments of £100 for pharmacists who agree to take an unplanned shift with less than 48 hours’ notice.

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