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Boots commits to maintaining palliative drug supplies at 2,000 stores


Boots commits to maintaining palliative drug supplies at 2,000 stores

Boots UK has partnered cancer charity Macmillan on a new initiative aimed at improving terminally ill patients’ access to medicines.

As part of the new palliative care service announced today (Tuesday January 18), the multiple and charity have drawn up a list of recommended medicines most commonly used by people who are terminally ill.

The service involves a commitment from Boots to maintain supplies of these medicines at 2,000 branches.

The multiple said it was “the first time a community pharmacy had worked with the NHS on a UK-wide level to develop a formulary of this kind”

Boots’ 4,200 Macmillan information pharmacists have also “received additional training on palliative care,” the company said, helping them offer more cancer-related advice such as dealing with medication side effects as well as information on other life-limiting illnesses.

A Macmillan survey carried out late last year indicates that a quarter (23 per cent) of people with advanced or terminal cancer in the UK have found it harder to access non-Covid related healthcare as a result of the pandemic.

A similar proportion said they have felt stressed, anxious or depressed as a result of the pandemic.

Boots chief pharmacist Marc Donovan said: “Discussing end-of-life-care is never easy, but it is very important. At this extremely difficult time for patients and their families and carers, ease of access to medicines and support can make a big difference.

“We hope this new national service, available at Boots stores across the UK, will provide valuable support to patients who need palliative and end of life care.”

Macmillan chief medical officer Dr Rosie Loftus said: “We are proud to be working with Boots on this important new service, which will make an enormous difference for patients with cancer and other terminal illnesses by improving access to vital medicines and support.

“Together we are doing whatever it takes to support people during this difficult time.”

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