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Asda offers £2 cash incentives to private flu jab customers


Asda offers £2 cash incentives to private flu jab customers

Asda is offering a £2 cash incentive to individuals who use its private flu jab service at one of its 245 pharmacies.

In a statement on Tuesday November 22, the chain said that customers who have the Asda Rewards app will have £2 added to their ‘cash pot’ when they book a flu jab online and present their booking reference when they arrive.

The incentive – which runs until December 9 – does not apply to those who present for a walk-in jab.

The multiple said it wanted to encourage those who are not eligible for a free NHS vaccine to book an appointment.  

“If you don’t fall into a vulnerable group which is offered a free flu vaccine through the NHS, it’s still really important to get the vaccine to help protect those around you who you could pass on the infection to,” said Doctor Kathryn Basford of Asda Online Doctor.

Asda claims to offer “the cheapest flu jab on the market,” charging £9.98 for its private vaccination service.

Asda superintendent pharmacist Faisal Tuddy said: “We’re proud to offer the cheapest flu jab on the market and at a time where we’re seeing cases of flu rise rapidly, we’re keen to encourage as many of our customers as possible to book themselves in and get protected.

“We saw huge uptake when we launched a £1 Asda Rewards incentive back in September, and as the weather gets colder and the winter months are upon us, we’re proud to say customers will now get £2 in their Asda Rewards cash pot when booking a flu jab with us, which can be spent on weekly essentials or put towards some festive treats.”

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