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Amazon Pharmacy launches in India


Amazon Pharmacy launches in India

E-commerce giant Amazon has launched an online pharmacy business in India, offering a combination of prescription and OTC medicines, as well as medical devices and traditional Ayurvedic products.

Amazon Pharmacy is launching in the city of Bangalore and may be rolled out to other regions.  

The move comes as the coronavirus pandemic sparks a major shift towards online medicine distributors, with Amazon joining an already populated online market in India.

“This is particularly relevant in present times as it will help customers meet their essential needs while staying at home,” said an Amazon spokesperson.

Amazon is also seeking to trademark the name ‘Amazon Pharmacy’ in the UK, Canada and Australia.

It first filed an application on January 9 of this year, progressing to the status of 'published' in April. However, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office currently lists the application as ‘opposed’ as a formal objection has been filed. 

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