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Allevia 120mg tablets go directly from POM to GSL


Allevia 120mg tablets go directly from POM to GSL

Allevia 120mg tablets, which are used to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis, have been switched from prescription only to general sales list status.

The MHRA announced on December 22 that 30 packs of the tablets, which contain the antihistamine fexofenadine hydrochloride, may now be sold or supplied in retail outlets other than a pharmacy by someone who is not a pharmacist.

The agency first considered whether it would be appropriate to reclassify the drug from POM to P. Having concluded that this posed no risk to the public, it then considered whether GSL status would be appropriate.

The MHRA said: “The increased access of this medicine would be advantageous particularly to individuals who may have previously been prescribed Fexofenadine and wish to continue use without the barriers associated with a prescription medicine.

“The increase in choice of antihistamines for seasonal allergic rhinitis is also considered to be of benefit to the public.

“Limiting Allevia 120mg tablets to P legal status would unnecessarily limit the availability of the product.”

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