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HubRx’s new chain to be rebranded Pharmacy+Health


HubRx’s new chain to be rebranded Pharmacy+Health

The pharmacy chain recently acquired by HubRx has been rebranded as it embarks on what its new owner insists will be a “significantly” expanded clinical service offering.

The Pharmacy Group, a 34-strong chain of community pharmacies in Yorkshire, will now be known as Pharmacy+Health, a rebranding exercise HubRx CEO Daniel Lee said was the first step to changing the perception of what community pharmacies “can and should offer, how it should look and how it operates.”

HubRx said Pharmacy+Health pharmacies will be “installed with cutting-edge and unique technologies and undergo a design overhaul to create a patient destination for on-demand clinical services.”

HubRx also said the pharmacies will provide “a large range of medical services for every day health conditions, including an industry-leading private offering.” It told Independent Community Pharmacist it will release details on what the industry-leading private offering is “soon.”

“Our new Pharmacy+Health identity signals a significant shift in the direction we plan to take with the independent chain,” Lee said, insisting the rebranding is part of a wider “re-engineering” of community pharmacy.

“Our tech-enabled hub and spoke dispensing service HubRx will free up our pharmacists to provide a wide selection of on-demand clinical services that can be booked online.

“By shifting the emphasis from dispensing and retail, we will turn our pharmacies into the destination of choice for patients seeking consultations and treatment for everyday health conditions.” 

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