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Pharmacies in Jersey to receive £12m funding boost


Pharmacies in Jersey to receive £12m funding boost

Pharmacies in Jersey will benefit from £12 million in investment from the island’s government.

The money, which will be paid over the next three to four years, will be used to employ or train more pharmacy technicians to support pharmacists, help pharmacists become prescribers, develop new pharmacy-based services and finance an increase in the fees paid to pharmacies for dispensing medicines.

The Minister for Social Security, Deputy Elaine Millar, also said the law will change in May to allow prescriptions to cover a longer period. At the moment, most medicines are prescribed for a maximum 30 days but Jersey’s government said the “change to the period of supply will free time for GP practices and reduce costs and inconvenience for Islanders.”

“I am delighted that we have reached this agreement and are able to launch this package for pharmacies. This investment has been developed in discussion with representatives from the local pharmacies and will be funded by the Health Insurance Fund,” she said.

“Community pharmacy makes an essential contribution to our primary healthcare system and we depend on pharmacists for the service they offer us when dispensing medicines. Pharmacists in Jersey are also able to offer Islanders far more than this essential dispensing service.

“This investment package will help pharmacies recruit and train staff and extend the support, advice and services that can be easily accessed in community pharmacies.”

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