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Pharmacy pledges to help raise £3m for suicidal rehab centre


Pharmacy pledges to help raise £3m for suicidal rehab centre

By Neil Trainis

A community pharmacy in Scotland is helping a local man raise awareness of suicide and generate funds to open a rehabilitation centre in Aberdeenshire for people struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Crimond Pharmacy, which has generated money for charity in the past including Alzheimer's Scotland, urged its local community to donate to a campaign set up by 27-year-old Danny Thain from Fraserburgh who is trying to raise £3 million through The World Suicide Prevention Project (TWSPP) for a 300-acre, six-bedroom site which would provide professional support.

Mr Thain launched the TWSPP after losing three friends to suicide in eight years, the first when he was 18 years old. In November last year, he slept rough on the streets of Aberdeen for 28 days to raise money for his project.

In a Facebook post, Crimond Pharmacy said it was “delighted” to support Mr Thain’s latest initiative and insisted it “cannot wait to fundraise in 2023 and contribute towards” the TWSPP, a non-profit organisation that aims to prevent suicide.

“Suicide rates are at the highest they have ever been in human history, which needs to be fixed,” the pharmacy said.

“His aim is a rehabilitation centre dedicated to individuals battling suicidal thoughts. He is fighting to buy a 300-acre, 16-bedroom Scottish estate to turn this into the space needed for these vulnerable individuals. This will significantly impact the mental health community positively and provide a service that will contribute towards ending suicide.”


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