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Boots and PHE team up to launch health questionnaire


Boots and PHE team up to launch health questionnaire

Boots UK has teamed up with Public Health England to launch a new health questionnaire that seeks to help people understand how they can lead healthier lives.

The Reboot quiz, which is aimed at over-18s, helps Boots customers assess their behaviour on a range of topics including eating and drinking, smoking habits, stress and exercise. It represents the beginning of a three-year partnership between Boots and PHE.

People who complete the quiz can choose to track their progress on the Boots website and receive personalised product and service recommendations.

The January 2020 launch of the quiz comes several months after the Health Survey for England 2018 revealed that over half of adults in the UK have an elevated risk of chronic disease due to their waist circumference and BMI, and that a third of adults are physically inactive.

Boots UK managing director Sebastian James said: “By combining our experience and the huge number of people who shop with us with PHE’s unparalleled expertise and knowledge, we think that we can help millions of people become healthier and happier.”

PHE chief executive Duncan Selbie said: “Unhealthy lifestyles continue to cost the NHS around £11 billion every year and potentially preventable health risks cause 40 per cent of ill health and early deaths in the population. We know that simple changes can lead to huge health benefits. This collaboration with Boots puts public health expertise right in the hands of people looking to make a difference to their health."

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