Managing hayfever: meet your customers’ needs


  • Managing hayfever: meet your customers’ needs
  • Objectives
  • Understanding the impact of hayfever
  • Meeting customers’ needs
  • Treating with intranasal steroids
  • Introducing Benacort Nasal Spray (budesonide)
  • Effective symptom relief
  • Meeting different needs: flexible relief
  • Meeting different needs: all-day relief
  • Learning Scenario
  • References
  • Assessment questions
  • Action & Evaluation

Managing hayfever: meet your customers’ needs

Around 13 million people suffer from hayfever in the UK1, many of whom will be coming to the pharmacy for advice. With several products available, it can be confusing to select the right product for your customers’ needs. This module will highlight which ingredients will best suit particular types of customer and introduce Benacort Nasal Spray (budesonide), a P medicine new to pharmacies, to recommend for symptom relief.

UK/BN/17-10560. Date of preparation: January 2018


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