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CPPE: Tech programme is now national


CPPE: Tech programme is now national

CPPE’s accuracy checking pharmacy technician (ACPT) programme is now available to all pharmacy technicians

Following the success of the pilot phase, which was conducted in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, CPPE has won funding from Health Education England and the Pharmacy Integration Fund to deliver extra cohorts of the accuracy checking pharmacy technician programme nationwide.

The ACPT programme is a three to 12-month training and development programme that aims to support pharmacy technicians in developing leadership and communication skills, as well as providing them with the knowledge to confirm the accuracy of dispensed items from prescriptions.

Successful completion of the programme will lead to certification as an ACPT, enabling the individual to undertake the final accuracy check.

The programme will benefit the entire pharmacy team by equipping pharmacy technicians with the knowledge to optimise skillmix and support the learning of others following identification of dispensing errors. ACPT trainees will also learn how to exercise their professional judgement to make decisions and prioritise work.

The programme incorporates a blended learning approach that includes e-learning, practice-based activities and self-directed study. There are six online modules that contain the core learning material and ACPT trainees will also be required to complete a checking log of a minimum of 1,000 items within one year of enrolling on the programme.

Entry criteria

In order to apply, ACPT trainees must adhere to the entry criteria, which includes having documented evidence of the ability to dispense accurately in accordance with locally agreed SOPs and having a minimum of six months’ dispensing experience in the last 12 months in the dispensary where they will undertake their ACPT training.

Applicants must also complete the ACPT e-learning programme for ACPT trainees and educational supervisors and associated e-assessment, as well as completing the online application form.

Once an application is approved, the trainee will be automatically enrolled onto the cohort they applied for. To apply for one of the cohorts, go to the overview page on the CPPE website.

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