CPPE: Falls prevention workshops


CPPE: Falls prevention workshops

A new workshop has been launched by CPPE that is focusing on falls prevention

The new two-hour CPPE workshop on falls prevention will help pharmacy professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to manage and optimise care for patients who are at risk of having a fall.

Falls are a major public health issue and can happen to anyone. They can have devastating and far-reaching consequences – but the good news is that they are not inevitable. Measures can be taken to help prevent them from occurring.

Pharmacy professionals can ensure that they understand the risk of falls and increase their experience in dealing with cases of falls by undertaking CPPE’s falls prevention workshop.

What’s included?

The workshop will include a presentation from an expert speaker on falls risk and will also provide learners with the opportunity to work through a case study and a series of activities.

Looking at patient perspectives, risk assessment and medicines that increase the risk of falls, the workshop will use case studies to provide an understanding of how pharmacy teams can help prevent and support those patients who have had a fall. These case studies show the ways in which a fall can affect an individual, adopting a person-centred approach to highlight the fact that a fall can have implications beyond just physical injury.

Pharmacy professionals who complete this workshop will be able to:
• Describe the role of pharmacy professionals in the prevention of falls
• Identify the factors that contribute to the increased risk of falls
• Identify people at risk of falls and provide solutions to reduce this risk through lifestyle and medicine interventions
• Provide educational advice on promoting good bone health and medicines for osteoporosis
• Explain how pharmacists can utilise their knowledge of falls prevention to better support patients.

The CPPE’s falls prevention workshops can be used to support revalidation and continuing professional development.

Workshops are running across the country until March 2019. More information about the workshops and how to book a place can be found on the CPPE website.

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