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Well highlights pharmacy's role in Stoptober

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Well highlights pharmacy's role in Stoptober

Well Pharmacy is currently reminding people how their local community pharmacy can help them quit smoking as part of Public Health England’s Stoptober campaign. 

The company has suggested five ways local community pharmacies can help customers go smoke-free, including one-to-one consultations, an eight- to 12-week smoking cessation programme, product recommendations and carbon monoxide (CO) tests. 

“Trying to quit on your own or going ‘cold turkey’ can be very challenging,” said Sadik Al Hassan, pharmacist for Well Pharmacy. “Most patients who try to quit smoking will have several attempts before quitting for good. One aim is to educate people on the risks that cigarette smoking poses, although our main goal is to help people to quit. Even a reduction or a change in attitudes towards smoking lead to health benefits for our patients down the line, which for me is a win.”

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