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Watching brief: Digestive health

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Watching brief: Digestive health


The Care range offers a number of solutions for lower GI problems such as Epsom salts, glycerin suppositories in adult, child and infant sizes, senna tablets (20s, 60s and 100s available) and loperamide capsules (6s and 12s available). More information can be found at
(Tel: 01484 842217)


There are trillions of bacteria in the human gastrointestinal tract which support efficient digestive function and gut immunity. Bio-Kult contains 14 live bacterial cultures that are “proven to survive the high acidity of the stomach, and to complement the existing gut flora naturally present in a healthy person’s digestive system,” says Protexin. Bio-Kult does not need to be refrigerated and can be taken alongside antibiotics, by babies, when pregnant, by vegetarians and as part of a healthy diet, adds the company.
(Tel: 01460 243230)

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