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Surgeon tackling vaccine hesitancy in BAME groups

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Surgeon tackling vaccine hesitancy in BAME groups

A leading surgeon is focusing on tackling ‘vaccine hesitancy’ among black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups. These individuals are more susceptible to Covid-19 than others, and yet they are also among the most likely to have concerns about the vaccine, says surgeon Martin Griffiths. 

Mr Griffiths, who is also NHS England & Improvement’s national clinical director for violence reduction and known for his work in tackling knife violence, is urging his NHS colleagues to “spread the word, not the virus” and help to inform as many people as possible of the vaccine’s importance.

“Minority ethnic groups take up a disproportionate amount of beds due to Covid and they are also the most hesitant to get the one thing that could save them,” said Mr Griffiths. “We need to rally around these groups and give them the support they need so that they choose to have the jab, saving their own lives and those of their loved ones.”

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