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Shingles and skin infections next for PGDs under Pharmacy First Scotland

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Shingles and skin infections next for PGDs under Pharmacy First Scotland

The next two common clinical conditions to be added to the NHS Pharmacy First Scotland scheme will be shingles treated by acyclovir and skin infections treated by flucloxacillin.

The intention is to introduce these conditions from March 1 dependent on the approval of the national PGDs, says Community Pharmacy Scotland.

Pharmacy First Scotland is an NHS service that was launched in July 2020 and is designed to encourage people to visit their community pharmacy as the first port of call for all minor illnesses and specific common clinical conditions.

For minor illnesses specified under the scheme anyone who lives in Scotland or is registered with A GP Practice in Scotland is eligible for advice and treatment from an Approved List of products. Three PGDs have been developed nationally for the scheme to allow pharmacists to supply fusidic acid (for treatment of impetigo), and trimethoprim and nitrofurantoin (for the treatment of uncomplicated UTIs).

Scottish contractors receive a base payment each month of £1,250 for providing the service plus a share of the NHS Pharmacy First Scotland activity pool which is distributed based on activity across the pharmacy network.

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