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PSNC and government 'still far apart' on Covid funding

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PSNC and government 'still far apart' on Covid funding

The PSNC and the Government are still far apart on agreeing the Covid-19 costs incurred by contractors during the pandemic, the head of the negotiating body has said. 

“Despite the phenomenal work that has taken place across the community pharmacy sector, HM Treasury and other appear determined to constrain the amount of compensation that is offered to pharmacy businesses,” chief executive Simon Dukes says in PCN this month.

“I do understand this news is frustrating and bewildering for many contractors on the front line: indeed the negotiations have been for PSNC also, particularly given the support and promises of health ministers.”

In a critical Chief Executive’s Blog he says that in any other sector the customer would be grateful for the efforts contractors had gone to … and in any other sector there would now be a “reckoning” making sure all out-of-pocket expenses were recompensed.

"In any other sector we would expect this to be a swift and painless process" in order to avoiding distracting contractors from their work, he says. 

  • PSNC is drafting a proposal for a representative group to oversee and manage delivery, timescales and costs of the next stage of the Wright Review’s finding. Simon Dukes says PSNC will propose the group is formed and meets during October.
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