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New NHS clinics to provide pelvic floor support for women

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New NHS clinics to provide pelvic floor support for women

As part of its drive to improve the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor problems, pregnant women and new mums are to receive support from new NHS clinics.

The clinics are being piloted in 14 parts of England, with up to 175,000 women set to benefit every year, according to the NHS. It plans to roll out the services across the country by March 2024.

In addition, NICE has published a draft guideline on the prevention and non-surgical management of pelvic floor dysfunction. The draft guidance advises that all women should be encouraged to do pelvic floor muscle training, and that from week 20 of pregnancy, they should be offered supervised pelvic floor training if they have a mother or sister with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Young women aged 12-17 should also be taught about pelvic floor anatomy and pelvic floor muscle exercises as part of school curriculums, it advises. In addition, NICE recommends telling women that exercise and a balanced diet can help prevent pelvic floor problems.

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