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MHRA warns pharmacies about syringe labelling error

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MHRA warns pharmacies about syringe labelling error

Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals have been told to stop supplying a particular batch of syringes because of a labelling error.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said Pharmaram Ltd had contacted it to warn the packs containing 10 syringes (batch number CCL67G/D3) have a label that wrongly states ‘Clexane 6,000IU (60mg)/0.6ml Syringes’ instead of ‘Clexane 4,000IU (40mg)/0.4ml Syringes'.

The MHRA said health professionals should “stop supplying the products immediately” and remove them from the shelves in their pharmacies.

It also said all remaining stock should be quarantined and returned to the supplier.

“Patients who have been supplied this batch of Clexane 4,000IU (40mg)/0.4ml Syringes should be informed that the error is only with the labelling on the plastic blister packaging encasing the syringe,” the MHRA said.

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