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Abdominal cancer campaign launches

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Abdominal cancer campaign launches

The ‘Help Us Help You – Abdominal Symptoms of Cancer’ campaign launched on November 9 2020.

It focuses on the symptoms of diarrhoea, bloating and discomfort in the stomach area, lasting three weeks or more, which could be symptoms of various abdominal cancers. The campaign encourages anyone who has had any of these symptoms for three weeks or more to speak to a GP. Marketing resources are now available via Public Health England’s campaign resource centre and include a communications toolkit, posters and digital assets.

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and medical director for primary care for NHS England, said: "If you or a loved one has one of these symptoms, please don’t ignore them. Our message to you is clear – you are not a burden and we are here to safely treat you so please don’t delay – help us help you and come forward as you usually would for care."

"Cancer is easier to treat when it is caught at an earlier stage and so coming forward for a check could save your life," she added.

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