Key clinical developments in 2017


  • Key clinical developments in 2017
  • Pre-test
  • Introduction & module overview
  • Long-term conditions
  • Topical treatments: what's new
  • Genito-urinary medicine & sexual health
  • Contraception, the menopause & isotretinoin
  • HIV & antimicrobial stewardship
  • Acute sinusitis
  • Learning scenario 1
  • Other significant developments
  • What's new in OTC?
  • Learning scenario 2
  • New medicines in 2017
  • Post-test
  • Action & Evaluation

Key clinical developments in 2017

This module will provide community pharmacists with an overview of the major developments in clinical practice during 2017. Topics covered include new drug launches, guidance that has been updated or newly published by NICE and other relevant organisations, together with any safety issues.

Contributing author: Asha Fowells, pharmacist and clinical writer



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