HealthWatch: How does your local GP practice rate?

How your local GP practices are rated can be viewed by tapping in to data from the world’s largest patient survey, published by NHS England. The survey reflects the views of 2 million patients who were asked about their experiences of their surgery and other local NHS services.

Simply enter the GP practice name or postcode and see how practice rates for measures like:

  • Ease of getting though on the phone
  • How helpful reception staff are
  • How easy it is to get an appointment
  • How long appointment waiting times are.

The results can be compared with other practices and local averages.

The Royal College of General Practitioners has analysed the data and its ‘doom and gloom’ conclusion is that patients across England could be waiting for a week or more for a GP or practice nurse appointment on more than 100 million occasions by 2022.

Some of the worst areas to secure a timely GP appointment include Corby, Fareham and Gosport, Swindon and Central London (Westminster), where currently over three in 10 of patients wait a week or more for an appointment with their GP or practice nurse.

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