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Pot luck with cannabidiol concentrations?

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Pot luck with cannabidiol concentrations?

Only 8 per cent of cannabidiol products have measured CBD concentrations within 10 per cent of those advertised, say UK researchers.

Researchers analysed the CBD content of 29 oils, 13 aqueous tinctures, 11 drinks and 10 e-liquids from 40 brands bought online in the UK. 

Measured CBD concent-rations were below those advertised for drinks (by a median of 65.6 per cent; median difference 0.03mg/ml), aqueous tinctures (51.4 per cent; MD 25.7mg/ml), e-liquids (29.2 per cent; MD 6.9mg/ml) and oils (19.0 per cent; MD 6.1mg/ml). 

Just five of the 63 products (all oils) had measured CBD concentrations within 10 per cent of those advertised. Only one product (an oil) had CBD levels above (by 50 per cent) those advertised. 

“These findings may be indicative of poor manufacturing standards, or that CBD undergoes degradation in consumer products,” the authors comment. 

“This reinforces concerns over quality of CBD-containing consumer products and may highlight the need for improved regulation of such products,” they conclude. (J Cannabis Res 2023; 5:28)

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