Clinical briefing: Pharmacy BP checks a lifeline to public

With stress levels rising during the pandemic, screening for raised blood pressure in community pharmacies is more important than ever.

New advice for patients switching between levothyroxine products

Small number have reported symptoms consistent with thyroid dysfunction when their tablets were changed to a different product

What has nutrition got to do with it?

Understand why more research is needed to determine the overlap between medically unexplained symptoms and nutrient deficiencies.

Let’s hear it for the ears

Ear problems are common, can cause considerable distress and may even offer the first indication that a person has a serious disease. 

Sun safety: Rays awareness

Many people will be looking forward to spending more time outdoors as summer beckons, so it is a good time to brush up on sun safety and minimising the risks of skin cancer.

When the drugs don’t work

As the evidence stacks up against the use of opioids for chronic pain, there’s a clear role for community pharmacists in helping people.

Swallowable sponge could reduce need for endoscopies

In trials just one in 30 of the patients offered the Cytosponge were referred for an endoscopy.

Viewpoint: To D or not to D in Covid?

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased severity of Covid-19 and greater risks of hospitalisation and death — so should supplementation become routine?

Ivermectin for Covid-19: a cheap drug with a remarkable effect

Numerous clinical trials with ivermectin in Covid-19 have shown consistent, large improvements inclinical outcomes. It must be authorised for use in the UK.

Oral care: A brush with Covid?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the UK’s oral health as brushing habits faltered and trips to the dentist became more difficult. 

Vaccines 'highly effective' in reducing severe Covid-19 in older adults

First dose protection ranged between 57-61 per cent for Pfizer vaccine and between 60-73 per cent for the Oxford-AZ vaccine (ChAdOx1)

Vaccine roll-out should not be politicised

The JCVI's decisions should not be used as a political football, says Dr Anthony Cox of Birmingham University School of Pharmacy 

Fatigue, insomnia and anxiety are long term consequences of Covid-19

Study in The Lancet looks at Covid patients six months after discharge.

Understanding clinical test results

How can the results of clinical tests and their implications be clearly explained to patients? We offer some pointers.

Analysis: Improving access to contraception

Calls to reclassify oral contraceptives in order to increase accessibility and reduce unintended pregnancies are getting louder.

Upper GI problems

The over-indulgence in food and alcohol at this time of year offers a key opportunity to promote pharmacy’s role in the management of upper GI issues.

Improving treatment of constipation

There is an urgent need to improve bowel care and the management of constipation, and not only to relieve patient distress.

How has Covid affected mental health prescribing?

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to have changed psychopharmaceutical prescribing patterns in England, at least in the short-term.

Erythromycin alert for patients with prolonged QT interval

Potential drug interaction between rivaroxaban and erythromycin resulting in increased risk of bleeding identified

Older people’s health

Older people may have been seen less often in pharmacies because of Covid – but out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. 

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