Animation promotes pharmacy in combatting winter pressures

The Sound Doctor has produced a short film urging people with minor ailments to visit pharmacies before going to the GP or A&E after it was revealed that nine out of 10 health and care leaders across England are concerned about their organisation’s ability to cope with winter pressures.

The Pharmacy Song is part of a campaign to encourage people to use patient information and good communications to decide who best to consult.

GPs and A&E staff treat over 60 million patients annually for ailments such as a cold, blocked nose, back pain, insect bites – even dandruff. Together, these visits cost the NHS more than £2 billion in wasted time.

Rosie Runciman, co-founder of The Sound Doctor, said: “The cost of these unnecessary visits is spiralling, but the problem is not just financial. If we can get more people to see their pharmacist first, we can give GPs and A&E staff more time to treat people with serious conditions. That is why we are calling on CCGs to join us in giving people the information they need to make informed and sensible decisions about minor ailments.”

The Sound Doctor has a library of more than 300 films covering five key areas of health – COPD, diabetes, back pain, dementia, heart failure and weight management surgery. The films adhere to NICE guidelines.


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