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The pharmacy environment is rapidly changing. Pharmacists are expected to forge closer links with local primary care networks to improve patient outcomes, ensure better access to healthcare and potentially support GPs by taking on aspects of their workload.

This is in addition to demands that have never gone away, including procurement, supply and dispensing.

At Viatris, our mission is to help your whole business succeed by supporting your dispensing, retail and service delivery needs, creating efficiencies to free up your time and allow you to embrace the opportunities ahead.

So, what are we doing to help?

Make your time and money go further

  • Access a broad and consistent supply of iconic branded medicines at stable, discounted prices
  • Plan ahead with a weekly stock report - and receive personalised support from your dedicated account manager - to help ensure your business runs smoothly

Increase patient/customer traffic and loyalty

  • Promote your pharmacy's services by using our promotional resources. For example, the Viagra Connect campaign has driven over 1 million men into UK pharmacies to seek treatment for erection problems1,2
  • Boost your pharmacy team's skills using our comprehensive training and development offering. Add to their knowledge in important therapy areas or help them learn new patient engagement techniques

Generate additional revenue

  • Displaying our range of POS materials and accessing our latest pharmacy innovations are just two ways to create new revenue streams and improve every stage of the shopper journey
  • Helping your pharmacy team learn new skills (with the range of toolkits available in our unique Health Services portfolio) can help you maximise NHS and Private Services opportunities to increase your revenue


  1. Estimated from reported use since launch. Kantar 2019 Viagra Connect Onlinebus Survey, 1,499 men 35+ yrs & UK male population 35+ yrs.
  2. IPSOS Healthcare June 2020, Viagra Connect KPI Tracking UK, 1,077 men 18-74 years.