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Module 1: Start with the ‘Why’

As pressure increases and demand grows in primary care, resources are stretched and the gaps show. Community pharmacies are perfectly placed to step in and bridge those gaps and support health and wellbeing in neighbourhoods across the country.

But how can you go about developing confident connections with others in the healthcare network to persuade them that this is the case?

In the first part of this four-part series, presenter Tony Woods describes an approach that can be used to get buy-in to ideas. He sets out simple practical principles that will help you, as a community pharmacist, to engage with primary care networks, GPs and other health care professionals in your locality.

Learn how answering the What? How? and Why? questions in relation to a proposal can create a ‘Golden Circle’ narrative to help you develop and promote a project or initiative in your area. Presenting the answers in the right order – the Why comes first as it gives the reason for people to engage with you – the Golden Circle can be used to market your project and build confident connections with others.

You will need to complete a piece of homework before you move on to Part 2 by thinking about initiatives that involve working with GPs and others in your neighbourhood…

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