Practice Scenarios

Scenario: Defibrillators

Parveen is talking to her counter assistant, Mirabelle, about having a defibrillator installed outside the pharmacy...

Scenario: Eating disorders

Kelly, the counter assistant, tells Parveen she is worried that a couple of teenage customers may have eating disorders...

Scenario: Hayfever and HIV

Melissa, who has been talking to a customer, hands Parveen a piece of paper. It lists two drugs – Combivir and efavirenz...

Scenario: Domestic abuse

Parveen sees Julie Gray at the counter and pops out to say hello. “Hi Julie,” she says. “How are you? I hardly see you these days...”

Scenario: Resistant hayfever

Adam May comes into the pharmacy with his mum. He is doing his GCSE exams but his hayfever is making it very hard to concentrate...

Scenario: Preconceptual care

Claudia confides in pharmacist Parveen that she and her husband have decided to try for a second baby

Scenario: Infection awareness in pregnancy

Fozia asks pharmacist Parveen if she can speak to her in confidence, so Parveen suggests they go into the consultation room.

Scenario: Type 2 diabetes

Kathleen Harper was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Pharmacist Parveen asks her how she is doing...

Scenario: Cranberries & UTIs

Sarah has a prescription for nitrofurantoin and asks to buy some urine testing strips...

Scenario: Warfarin

Leo is on warfarin for AF and has started using a home coagulometer but he's worried about the results...

Scenario: Reformulation reaction

Hugh asks to speak to pharmacist Parveen about a reaction he had to his eye drops...

Scenario: Hyperhidrosis

Rachel is worried about the amount her son is sweating, so she asks to speak to pharmacist Parveen about it...

Scenario: Cardiac arrhythmias

Gladys has been to her GP about a fluttering feeling in her chest and comes in clutching a small device...

Scenario: Managing myopia

Jacqui comes in with her daughter. “Oh Lauren, I like your new glasses, they look very smart!” exclaims Parveen...

Scenario: Donating blood

Jack pops in for some last-minute items for his Kenya trip and says the only thing he has left to do is give blood...

Scenario: Pelvic girdle pain

Parveen notices that a customer is looking under the weather and discreetly asks if her pregnancy is going ok...

Scenario: Diabetes & pregnancy

Lauren asks if she can have a quiet word with the pharmacist, so Parveen takes her into the consultation room...

Scenario: Postpartum psychosis

A patient tells Parveen he is concerned about his partner, who is struggling after the birth of their newborn baby...

Scenario: Skin tags

Jasminder and Harpreet Parmar ask if they can have a quick word with Parveen about a lump under Harpreet’s arm

Scenario: Malfunctioning fridge

Parveen arrives at the pharmacy one morning to find technician Lucy frantic with worry about the dispensary fridge
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