Clinical briefing: Group B streptococcus screening

Why has the NHS decided against offering screening for early-onset group B streptococcal infection?

Clinical briefing: Drug-plant interactions

The popularity and widespread use of herbal medicines raises the prospect of potentially serious drug-plant interactions

MS and diet: a neurological enigma variation

Multiple sclerosis seems set to join the growing number of conditions linked to obesity and diet

Old drugs, new tricks

More than a century after their discovery, we are still learning about risks and benefits of aspirin and paracetamol

Oral health: a winning smile may prevent CVD

Improving oral health may prevent cardiovascular events and breast cancer – and even save lives

Saturday reflections: Missing piece in the diabetes jigsaw?

Could technology prove to be the missing piece in the great diabetes malady jigsaw?

New year reflections: Giving vaccines a helping hand

Why are some people still so reluctant to recognise the health benefits that vaccination confers?

Bridging the gap

Are community pharmacies the key to bridging the gap in the provision of health services in deprived parts of the country?

Fighting flu fatigue

Are we suffering from a bad case of flu fatigue, asks our clinical editor

E-cig debate: Smoke and mirrors?

Vaping is safer than cigarettes and can help people quit, says PHE. But is the evidence sound?

A new era for male contraception?

Is the first new male contraceptive pill closer than we think?

HealthWatch: cancer on the rise in Scotland

Predictions show cancer rise in Scotland, according to public health body

Pharmacists and skin disease

Should pharmacists have an expanded role in managing dermatological diseases?

Managing the side-effects from chemotherapy

Cancer patients may look to their local pharmacy for help with managing the side-effects of chemotherapy

Improving adherence in the elderly

Community pharmacists can improve medicines adherence and quality of life in elderly patients, study shows

Teaming up to advise on skin conditions

Pharmacists and MCAs work well together in tackling skin conditions

Dimethyl fumarate in MS

These are exciting times in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Miconazole gel and warfarin

Pharmacists need to take the interaction between oral miconazole gel and warfarin much more seriously

NICE advocates point-of-care testing in pneumonia

Recent NICE guidance on pneumonia advocates point-of- care testing for C-reactive protein

Adding ezetimibe reduces statin CV risk

Ezetimibe plus simvastatin reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events by 6 per cent more than simvastatin monotherapy
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Improving the safety of home medication deliveries

A discussion paper has been published on improving home medication delivery services for vulnerable patients

GPhC issues new guidance on religion, values and beliefs

The GPhC has published guidance for when religion, personal values or beliefs might impact on professional practice


Sector losing policy battle as CPhO faces mounting criticism

By Richard Thomas, editor, Pharmacy Magazine. If there were any small doubts remaining about what the high-ups in Govern...


Pharmacy funding in Wales protected at £144m

Funding protected in Wales as community pharmacy described as a “fundamental part” of a strong primary care service

Sun safety: Rays awareness

Melanoma skin cancer rates are increasing fast. Pharmacy teams need to hammer home the sun safety message

Alliance Healthcare appoints new MD

Julian Mount has been appointed as managing director with immediate effect following Jeremy Main’s retirement