Watching briefs: Older people's health


Digestive function and food choices appear to change with age, with reduced stomach acid levels subsequently compromising protein digestion, digestive enzyme production, absorptive capacity and intestinal motility. Insufficient dietary fibre or water in the diet will cause the faeces to move more slowly – but Lepicol can help, says Probiotics, as it is a high fibre product containing psyllium husk, inulin and probiotics.
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Essential oils and massage are both proven to help relieve muscular pain in older people, and both are combined in the Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller. All products in the Puressentiel Muscles & Joints range contain 14 pure essential oils to help relax, soothe and relieve muscle and joint pain, including wintergreen, roman chamomile and clove. As well as the roller, the range includes soothing balm, gel and eighthour pain reliever heating patches.
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