Train your team: Skincare

Training your team and ensuring everyone's knowledge is up-to-date are important CPD triggers for you. We suggest that you get the team together for a training session based on the activities below and discuss the various ways in which you can offer customers and patients added care in this category.

Subject: skincare

This Train Your Team checklist provides support and information to run a team training session on skincare. This content can also be used for your own CPD.


  • Do we make the most of the opportunity to get more involved in giving advice and recommending the best possible treatments for skin conditions?
  • Do we look for opportunities to improve adherence to skin treatments?
  • Do we communicate the importance of frequent and liberal application of emollients in cases of eczema and dry skin?
  • Does my team feel confident about advising on the appropriate use of OTC topical steroids?
  • Do we emphasise the importance of self-care in skin conditions?
  • Is my team aware that some skin products contain ingredients that are best avoided in some skin conditions?

Training checklist

Ensure your support staff understand the following key points:

  • The impact of skin conditions on daily life
  • The benefits of liberal and frequent emollient therapy in cases of eczema and dry skin
  • The importance of treating acne with OTC therapies to reduce the risk of the sufferer needing antibiotics
  • The main difference between eczema and psoriasis
  • When to refer to the pharmacist.

Action. I will:

  • Reassess my and my staff’s interventions in customers with skin conditions
  • Ensure that the pharmacy team gives appropriate advice on the correct use and application of emollients and provides self-care advice
  • Train my pharmacy assistants to ensure they can meet the points in this training checklist.

Practice points

  • Try to talk to a customer who has acne but be aware that he or she might feel embarrassed about you raising the subject. Be very sensitive and acknowledge that the person may well feel like this. What questions might you ask them? How do they cope? Do they have any useful tips you could pass on to other customers in a similar situation?

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