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Click on the correct responses to the questions below to check your understanding of the key learnings from the video. Each question may have more than one correct response.

  1. Which of the following customers would NOT be suitable for VIAGRA CONNECT?

  2. Mr Agwar (62) is enquiring about purchasing VIAGRA CONNECT. As you are discussing his cardiovascular health, he mentions that although he doesn't get breathless, he is aware that he doesn't exercise enough and his diet isn't great. He knows he could do with losing a few pounds. He hasn't been to see his GP for years and is glad that he can now purchase VIAGRA CONNECT over the counter.

    What would you be concerned about? (Select all those that apply)

    • He may have an enlarged prostate

      IncorrectHe hasn’t mentioned anything that indicates an enlarged prostate

    • He may have diabetes

      IncorrectHe hasn't mentioned symptoms that indicate diabetes, such as increased thirst; however, he could be at risk so additional questioning might be appropriate

    • He may have high cholesterol

      CorrectHis weight and diet, and the fact that he hasn't seen a GP for a regular cholesterol level check, would be concerning

    • He may have high blood pressure

      CorrectHis weight, diet, lack of exercise and the fact that he hasn't seen a GP for a regular BP check are all reasons for concern

Updating your knowledge on VIAGRA CONNECT could count towards one of your CPD entries as part of your revalidation.

The Pharmacy Checklist and Essential Information have been updated to reinforce the messages included in this training, so you should use these updated materials in your consultations. Further detailed training, including a range of resources for pharmacy support staff, can be found here.


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