CPPE: New e-learning in four parts


CPPE: New e-learning in four parts

CPPE’s new ‘Medicines, people and value’ campaign is available as four short e-learning programmes

CPPE’s ‘Medicines, people and value’ campaign focuses on the role that pharmacy professionals can play in supporting the delivery of the NHS England Medicines Value Programme to improve health outcomes from medicines and ensure that patients are getting the best value from the NHS.

The campaign is available as four short e-learning programmes, which can be accessed via the CPPE website by clicking on the relevant quadrant of the logo.

Each programme should not take more than 30 minutes to complete and consists of a challenge that can be used to meet one of the GPhC standards for revalidation.

Learning aims

The aim of the first e-learning activity is to help pharmacy professionals identify a development need that will help them support the delivery of the Medicines Value Programme in practice.

This learning will provide the opportunity for completing a planned piece of continuing professional development (CPD) for revalidation.

Medicines waste is one of the early priorities for the ‘Optimising the use of medicines’ workstream highlighted in the Medicines Value Programme, so the second e-learning activity looks at medicines waste and the steps that pharmacy professionals can take to reduce the amount of it.

Pharmacy professionals are encouraged to pledge to take steps towards cutting down medicines waste in their practice and in their community.

Falls prevention

The third e-learning activity concentrates on falls prevention. Pharmacy teams are well placed to help prevent falls and support patients who are at risk by optimising medicines and providing information on how to manage the risk of falls.

The final activity focuses on tackling antibiotic resistance, which also comes under the ‘Optimising the use of medicines’ workstream in the Medicines Value Programme.

Pharmacy professionals can use this e-learning to improve their understanding and awareness of antimicrobial resistance in their community.

More information and regular updates on the campaign can be found on the CPPE website.

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