Get local opinion on your side, says NPA

Independents must begin mobilising local political opinion in readiness for a concerted campaign against the Department of Health funding cut proposals, says NPA chairman, Ian Strachan.

“What we have seen so far is a jumble of half-explained ideas coming out of the Government, and a justifiably worried and angry response from the profession. The Government proposals are light on detail, but the direction of policy is already clear and independents must mobilise to oppose it. It is a drift away from valuing local pharmacies and a retreat from any serious effort to maximise the benefits of the bricks and mortar pharmacy network.

“Today I have written to my own MP about the value of local pharmacies and I urge all NPA members to do the same. This is about beginning to mobilise political support across the country for what could be a long and difficult struggle ahead.”

Numark toolkit

To help members raise local awareness of the planned cuts, Numark has introduced a funding cuts toolkit, which includes information on making contact with both the media and MPs, and includes template letters and press releases.

Numark members are also being encouraged to get their patients to sign the online petition (petition.parliament.uk/petitions/116943) instigated by pharmacist Paul Mason.

“Our members are more vulnerable to the drop in remuneration than their multiple competitors and they are looking to Numark to provide assistance and leadership at this time,” says boss John D’Arcy.


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