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At present the students who graduated two years ago have still not sat their pre reg exam because of COVID.I feel sorry for all these graduates some of them struggling to find jobs even though they are registered as temporary pharmacists.Some of them have worked on their own initiative for nearly five months as pharmacists and have been very competent in the job they are doing.I do not understand why our society are so adamant for these pharmacists to sit their exam, especially with all the lockdown restrictions at present.

Throughout the panademic our society gave us no support.I would not be surprised if they are all working from home whilst the pharmacists are in the frontline.The graduates will have to travel,maybe long distances to get to the exam hall and considering the government restrictions this should not be allowed.

The society could have done this exam online.When you consider all school exams have been cancelled this year,I feel the society should use more common sense.

There was a time when no pre reg exams were taken and I do not think all those pharmacists were incompetent in their jobs.

I would ask our society that since they did nothing for the pharmacists during the panademic, please think about the welfare of our future pharmacy graduates.The university degree should be given more importance than the society exam.

  1. Having been qualified just over 40 years, I obviously did not take the Pre Reg exam. I do not feel a lesser pharmacist for not having done so. I agree whole heartedly with Yogesh and feel that in these unprecedented times those who have been working competently as temporary pharmacists should be added to the register without the need for an exam. 

  2. Thanks for your comments both - Richard Thomas, Pharmacy Magazine

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