Flexibility the biggest draw for locum pharmacists

Flexibility is by far the most common reason for switching from full-time employment to locum pharmacy work, taking precedence over pay, a new survey suggests.

The survey of 150 pharmacists by recruitment platform Locate a Locum found that while just seven per cent cited salary as the biggest incentive, 77 per cent said that the scope to work flexible hours was the main reason for switching to locum work.

Eight per cent cited a lack of full-time opportunities, while another eight per cent cited other factors such as health restrictions and wanting extra income on top of full-time employment.

When asked why they chose to work shifts at a particular pharmacy, the respondents cited pay rate as the most important factor, while 40 per cent mentioned location.

Locate a Locum ceo Jonny Clarke said: “The ability to choose one’s own shifts, hours and overall calendar can make a real difference for those balancing personal responsibilities with their work lives.

“For example, a new parent may find their nine-to-five schedule impossible, and someone whose children are now at school age may need a job which works around them, rather than the other way around. Some people simply prefer to be in the driver’s seat, and others still just enjoy variety.”


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