By Liam Stapleton.

Life has been difficult for pharmacists during the Covid crisis and the need to be resilient is regularly mentioned – but what does that mean and how can it actually be achieved?

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By Alexander Humphries*

It is important that pharmacy begins to look towards the next set of challenges. Once there is a reliable and simple test for Covid-19, pharmacies are ideally placed to test and certify who is safe to return to work...

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By NPA vice chair Nick Kaye.

There needs to be a debate about the changes that have occurred in pharmacy practice during the Covid crisis. The world over, people are asking if things can ever be the same again after this coronavirus pandemic. At the end of it all, will the way we live have changed fundamentally and permanently?

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By Graham Phillips, Manor Pharmacy Group.

I am so saddened by the tragic loss of life of my colleagues. And with every additional life lost I have become incandescent with rage that NHS England continues to insist that community pharmacy teams don’t need PPE. Here’s why.

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By Nigel Chivers.

The daily reporting of deaths caused by Covid-19 has become the leading news item across the media – but are they telling the whole story? 

A regular statistical news diet of hundreds of daily Covid-19 victims, and thousands cumulatively, have brought us all face-to-face with the process of dying and fuelled considerable anxiety. People are shocked at the numbers and fearful for themselves and their loved ones. An impending sense of doom and catastrophe is spreading across large swathes of the population.

Such anxiety is understandable, and every death is a tragedy for family and friends. But I wonder if we did not have daily mortality updates beamed into our sitting rooms each evening how the broader population would react?

For death is a daily business. And before Covid-19 death wasn’t news.

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