Pharmacy Magazine

14 May 2014




  1. Pharmacies visited in the latest undercover investigation by Which? did not give vital safety warnings about OTC medicines

  2. It is nonsense to say the NHS is running out of money – the Government is investing in GPs but not pharmacy, says Hemant Patel

  3. Pharmacists must submit their CPD before their registration expires for revalidation or risk being struck off

  4. Outgoing chief executive Sue Sharpe has repeated PSNC’s wish for a new care-based contractual framework for pharmacy

  5. Mark Lyonette is the new chief executive at the NPA. Mark is currently ceo of the Association of British Credit Unions

  6. The NHS was set up to meet the health needs of everyone... so why are people still falling through the cracks?

  7. By secretary of North East London LPC, Hemant Patel.

    Look how much money is being thrown at GPs while pharmacy funding is slashed. Community pharmacy may not be dead but is definitely on its knees and is being set up to fail and collapse.

    Simon Stevens, chief executive of the NHS, has a clear plan to separate provision of knowledge-based care from product supply, and make changes at a pace and scale never seen before in the NHS. The consequences for the community pharmacy network are grave.

  8. Training Matters is looking for exceptional pharmacy team members for the Recognition of Excellence Awards 2018

  9. Minor illness referral scheme in the north east shows very promising results for December

  10. The GPhC has emphasised the importance of error reporting in light of case of convicted and struck-off paediatrician