Pharmacy Magazine

14 May 2014




  1. A series of service pilots, funded by the NPA, is seeking to demonstrate to commissioners what pharmacists can deliver

  2. The impact of the funding cuts in England is going to hit contractors hard in November, PSNC has warned

  3. A flash glucose monitor that allows diabetes patients to track blood sugar without finger pricking is to be reimbursed by the NHS

  4. Schools can now purchase adrenaline auto-injectors without a prescription for emergency use

  5. Community pharmacies are racking up the flu jabs in this year’s vaccination campaign and are now past the half-million mark

  6. Numark has developed a package of support for members preparing for the November QPS review point

  7. NHS England is looking for community pharmacy team members to feature in a new national advertising campaign

  8. The Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning has launched a new low vision and rehabilitation framework

  9. AZ's Bydureon does not increase the incidence of major CV events in patients with type 2 diabetes, research suggests

  10. The GPhC has launched new standards for the initial education and training of pharmacy technicians