Numark has developed a comprehensive portfolio of support for contractors looking to prepare for the Quality Payments Scheme November review point.

It includes an action and evidence guide designed to help members understand and meet the requirements for the QP scheme, alongside a complement of tools and resources to help them maximise income opportunities, according to the marketing group.

NHS England has also released new guidance, which can be accessed here.

Among the changes for the November claim point is that contractors who exceed 100 summary care records (SCR) accesses in both period 1 (Monday October 3, 2016 to Sunday April 30, 2017) and period 2 (Monday May 1, 2017 to Sunday November 26, 2017) will automatically satisfy this criterion, even where the number of accesses has not increased, says Numark’s information services pharmacist, Hilary Cunningham.

Contractors should also be aware that the SCR calculator will no longer be available after the November claim point.


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